Writer, maybe?

Lately my biggest confidant has been, well me. Which is usually the norm but lately I’ve wanted an audience if you will. Not necessarily for attention but because sometimes I feel there are people out there who feel and think as I do and feel alone. A couple months ago I posted something on my Twitter and I was asked “Do you write?” Short answer, no minus occasional journal entries and in fact the long answer is I am not a particularly strong writer. In school, my grades would almost always be brought down due to papers. Tests? No problem. Presentations? Though I feel incredibly uncomfortable in crowds and generally around others, I developed very strong presentation and communication skills and learned to embrace presentations. Papers though…my weakness. Putting what is in my head down on paper (or screen) is not a trait I brag about. My understanding of grammar isn’t the best, though I’ve seen much worse. So for you experts or “grammar Nazi’s” please take it easy on me. What I write frankly will vary along a wide spectrum of topics. Could be a simple thought that popped in my head, a burden I can no longer carry to myself, could flirt with erotica, love, betrayal, humor. Feedback welcome, friendship and conversation is encouraged. All are welcome and welcome one and all



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